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The Sea Horse Package

Dive With Central Mass SCUBAThe Sea Horse Packages are entry level packages that are perfect for the diver who wants to own his or her own equipment, but is also looking for a package that fits within the budget. These packages, both for around $1,000.00, allows the diver to purchase name brand products, that are appropriate for New England diving. Our staff will be happy to describe each package item in detail.

Cressi-Sub Sea Horse Package
Ventura Wet Suit
XS-2 Regulator
Gauntlet Gloves
XS Octopus
Modular Gauge
Deep See Hood
Aqua Pro V BC
Apnea Team Bag
Nautical Weight Belt with 25lbs. Shot Weight
Aqua-Lung Sea Horse Package
Calypso Regulator
Ventura Wet Suit
Spectrum I BC
Thermocline Gloves
Deep See Hood
Pivot II Gauge
See Bag 200
Nautical Weight Belt with 25lbs. Shot Weight

We Feature In House Financing. Put only $500 down and have up to 12 months to pay. Remember, these packages can be custom tailored to meet your needs (prices may vary, please call or visit the store for details).

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